Program Benefits

Students will benefit from a stimulating learning environment as they will be lectured by outstanding professionals and will engage in cutting-edge interaction in the premises of a vibrant International Organization such as the EPLO. Given the strong ties between the EPLO and the European Law and Governance School (ELGS), students will also benefit from ELGS’ network of over 100 legal and governance scholars and practitioners worldwide, in addition to EPLO’s worldwide partnerships. Students will also have access to EPLO events on key themes revolving around EU law and governance and will have the exclusive chance of interacting with EU leaders and decision-makers.

Moreover, students will benefit from a consolidated community of professionals and practitioners who kindly endorse this initiative.

Part of EPLO LLM in IEL’s richness derives from the worldwide top-notch faculty coming from renowned and prestigious international and regional organizations, boutique law firms, reputed universities and specialized consultancy firms.

The combination of exceptional teaching skills from lecturers and the exposure of students to sound learning and evaluation techniques will prepare students for an ever-changing and challenging world. Students will therefore gain competencies allowing them to become global players in the IEL arena.

Athens also proves the perfect learning environment. Even in the presence of a modern and vibrant Athens, students will be surrounded by the environment of one of the oldest cities in the world where they can breathe and incarnate the wisdom of Classical Athens with its reach history and culture.

As part of the learning experience, students will benefit from a unique experience stemming from:

  • A leading faculty from worldwide
  •  A group of classmates coming from all over the world
  • A stimulating learning experience in Athens
  • A sound career service with core career guidance
  • A moot court experience (internal moot court, the WTO Model in St. Gallen and Geneva and the FDI Moot)
  • 2 field trips to Geneva and Brussels with tailored agenda to each student
  • Seminars and workshops with top-notch faculty
  • Law Clinic participation working with real beneficiaries