Athens City

Athens, A Living City

Athens is one of the most cosmopolitan European capitals, filled with juxtapositions of new and old, east and west. Marked by its extensive history, on the one hand, and its warm and hospitable people on the other, one thing is certain: once visited, it quickly becomes your home.

Greeks are known for a form of hospitality called “filoxenia”, a word that has no translation in the English language, but which can be sensed and felt by visitors. It is a form of friendliness and service that goes far beyond a gesture of good will. It is a behavior rooted in ancient times and traditions, which projects the pride of a people considering hospitality, as a sign of culture and education. Explore more of Athens here.

Athens also provides the perfect learning environment. Even in the presence of a modern and vibrant Athens, students will be surrounded by the environment of one of the oldest cities in the world where they can breathe and incarnate the wisdom of Classical Athens with its reach history and culture.

When In Athens…

There are many activities you can enjoy with limited or no cost, such as:


Monastiraki, will definitely please your pocket, since the Flea market and the vintage stores are just around the corner. Our ELGS Worldwide famous souvlaki is celebrated down town offering plethora of choices to please your appetite on a couple of coins!


Exarheia, is the place where street art, youth and artists blend to mix a community of people who care for alternative choices away from main streams and typical cafes. Ethnik cuisine, mainly from the region of the Middle East is served on the streets and Greek raki drink, is the queen around here.


Keramikos and Metaxourghio, emerging neighborhoods full of artistic potential with those lovely buildings hanging out there, beautiful architectural gems across the way and tasteful “tapas” on the square offer a delicious culinary experience on a budget.


The National Gardens offer the perfect free green getaway in the middle of the bustling city. Take a long walk through the old Royal Gardens and let your imagination travel back in time through palm trees and high tree-shadowed alleys.


When in Athens, get ready to discover a wide range of eateries representing the country’s gastronomic scene, from traditional tavernas serving homely Greek cuisine to elegant restaurants serving up great dishes with a modern twist. Moreover, Athens has many wine and cocktail bars that will satisfy even the most discerning of visitors. Finish your day with a stroll around the city center which offers whatever your shopping heart might desire – from high-end designer stores and shiny malls to the traditional flea markets and bustling street markets.

To get into the rhythm of the city, enjoy an early evening promenade in the old city center, where you can enjoy some early drinks during happy hour, followed by a late dinner. There are plenty of nice restaurants and typical Greek taverns where you can taste world-famous Greek cuisine. Keep in mind that if you don’t want to dine in a nearly deserted restaurant—or among other tourists only—plan to arrive in your chosen restaurant sometime after 9pm. There are also taverns with live Greek music especially in Plaka, Psyrri and Monastiraki. If you are in the mood for a Greek night out following your dinner plans, there are numerous options to choose from.

DISCLAIMER: This information in this page is derived from the official site of the Greek National Tourist Organization , the official website of the Municipality of Athens for tourist information and the website for Public Transport in Athens The EPLO is just reproducing the information that appears in those sites. For more official and updated info please visit them accordingly.