Find out where to stay?

Students may nevertheless choose to make their own accommodation and transportation arrangements. A full list of real estate agencies in Athens is available at the Yellow Pages site Useful listings of apartments are the following:

Apart from the location, prices depend largely on the age of building and the floor (usually range between 3 and 7 storey buildings).

Students may also need to find short term accommodation in the center of Athens. Usually, most of them choose live in shared apartments, studios or hostels. Find hereafter some available options for you to start your search. The AIELPO cannot be held responsible for the quality of the suggested options as these have not been examined:

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Student and Travelers’ Inn

Athens is connected to even the remotest destinations through the Athens International Airport, ports of Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrio, national railway network operated by TRAINOSE and, long-distance bus network KTEL. The KTEL is used by our undergraduate students who wish to travel from/to Athens to/from our Sounion premises. The KTEL from Athens to Sounion will take an hour approximately (for details refer to the transfers section below). When using Athens Public Transport you must hold a valid ticket or travel card.

DISCLAIMER: This information in this page is derived from the official site of the Greek National Tourist Organization , the official website of the Municipality of Athens for tourist information and the website for Public Transport in Athens The EPLO is just reproducing the information that appears in those sites. For more official and updated info please visit them accordingly.